Fundamentals of Customer Service

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This Course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a Customer Service or Customer Relations Professional and be able to fit in any industry.

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  • 2 hours, 30 minutes videos
  • Understand customer service design
  • Learn to set and meet customer service targets
  • Learn Information Security as relates to Customer Service
  • Learn Relationship Management

Course Description

Course Description

Starting a new career in customer service can be intimidating. Even stepping to bigger customer service responsibilities can be challenging. How will you deal with all those people? New employee training can teach you how to turn on the lights and work the computers, but you need to know more about the non-tangibles, the soft skills of getting along. This course will help you develop the soft skills you need to thrive when facing clients day after day.

Your Outcome

Customer service is an integral part of business success in many organisations. Customer service is also dynamic and never the same for any two organisations. How do you adapt and become an all round Customer Service Professional who can fit in the financial/banking, telecom/IT or any other sector seamlessly? This course - Customer Service Fundamentals takes you through the core knowledge and skills you need to function effectively in any industry.

This course also prepares you for leadership positions in Customer Service as it gives you an overall coverage of not just the theories of excellent customer service but the real life, practical knowledge of how to measure customer success and dynamics including people management, resources optimisation and relationship management. It is a suitable course for anyone who wants to progress faster and become known as a Customer Service star. If you are also going to lead a customer service team or set up one for your business this course will help tremendously with all the professional knowledge to make things easier for you.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn about;

  • The customer
  • Customer service
  • Customer service challenges
  • Setting and meeting customer service targets
  • Resource optimization
  • Communication
  • Information security as relates to customer service
  • Interaction and engagement
  • Professionalism
  • Relationship management
This course includes;
  • 2 hours, 30 minutes on demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Certificate of completion

Course Outline

Module 1 - The Customer 21 min, 24 sec
  • Introduction 2 min, 44 sec
  • Types of customers 5 min, 19 sec
  • Categories of customers 6 min, 57 sec
  • Customer psychology 6 min, 22 sec
Module 2 - Customer Service 25 min, 10 sec
  • Introduction 6 min, 21 sec
  • Employers expectation 6 min, 21 sec
  • Customer Service Targets 5 min, 50 sec
  • Characteristics of a Customer Service Officer (CS0) 6 min, 37 sec
Module 3 - Challenges of Customer Service 13 min, 40 sec
  • Team 7 min, 19 sec
  • Resources & Customers 6 min, 21 sec
Module 4 - Resource Management & Optimization 10 min, 30 sec
  • Section 1 3 min, 13 sec
  • Section 2 7 min, 16 sec
Module 5 - Communication 15 min, 23 sec
  • Introduction 4 min, 53 sec
  • Implications of communication 10 min, 30 sec
Module 6 - Information Security 11 min, 56 sec
  • Information Security 11 min, 56 sec
Module 7 - Interaction and Engagement 17 min, 34 sec
  • Introduction 10 min, 50 sec
  • Contact points 6 min, 44 sec
Module 8 - Professionalism 14 min, 51 sec
  • Introduction 8 min, 43 sec
  • Characteristics 6 min, 7 sec
Module 9 - Relationship Management 13 min, 6 sec
  • Relationship Management 13 min, 6 sec


There are no requirements before taking this course. You just need a desire to deliver top-notch customer service.


  • People starting out in a customer service career will benefit from this course.
  • First time customer service reps should take this course to prepare themselves for their new job.
  • Customer Service Professionals who want to improve and move to the next level
  • Business Owners

About Instructor

David Ndukwe

I am David Ndukwe, a Researcher and Data Analyst with TopGrade Project Limited, with expertise on customer experience management in relation with Businesses and Brands. I have over 10 years experience, working across various customer interfacing roles for different Brands/Organization across industries like Banking & Finance, Academics, Information Technology and Entertainment.

I'm an ardent advocate for process improvement, with specialty on training, capacity building, capability development and competency management. I love to train, coach, mentor and bring out the best of the hidden latent energy for personal success in people. I'm of the opinion that anyone can get better at what they do, because all they require is a total analysis on their current situation and a way forward, which includes learning.

I'm driven by a passion to see brands succeed and individuals attain peak performance with service excellence, in the task of providing an unparalleled customer service experience to her customers. As your facilitator, I assure you that learning would be the most simple and easiest thing you can do.

Successful people never stop to learn, innovate and improve on Processes/Brands/Products. Remember, you start being outdated when you stop learning new things.

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