Account Management & Up-Sell

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Nurture, Manage Client Relationships, Retain Their Business and Grow More Sales

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  • 50 minutes videos
  • Learn to manage all types of clients
  • Learn how to leverage on your existing clients to grow business sales
  • Learn the skill sets required to sustain and increase sales from existing clients
  • Learn relationship network growth and account management

Course Description

As a Sales Person selling more than one product to the same client is key as it helps speed up your sales funnel/pipeline and revenue. Account Management means nurturing client relationships with two objectives in mind - retaining the client's business and growing the possibility of selling more volume to the client. With effective account management comes upselling. As a sales professional if you learn to manage you clients to the highest level opportunities to up-sell them on more products/services will come fast and easy for you. The result? Increased sales turnover and more bonuses/commissions for you!

Your Outcome

The Account Management & Up-sell course will provide you the skill-set to understand how to leverage on your existing client by ensuring their happiness and loyalty. Having the skill sets of ensuring that revenue is sustained after a sale or the ability to enable your product to be relevant to an organization is key. This course will give you a perfect understanding of how to be seen as a Partner within your clients' organisation rather than just a Sales person. This course will teach you how to leverage that to grow your business with each client you manage.

What You Will Learn
  • How to scale your sales prospecting
  • Benefits of performance scaling to account management
  • Relationship network growth - which is vital for a successful sales person
  • The details about Up-selling and Cross-selling
  • Why Upselling is important for you in Sales
  • Strategies to successfully up-sell and cross-sell your products/services
This course includes;
  • 50 minutes on demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and desktop
  • Certificate of completion

Course Outline

Module 1 - Sales Prospecting Scaling 14 min, 37 sec
  • Introduction 3 min, 48 sec
  • Sales Prospecting Scaling 7 min, 38 sec
  • Benefits of Performance Scaling to Account Management 3 min, 10 sec
Module 2 - Relationship Network Growth 12 min, 48 sec
  • Introduction 2 min, 38 sec
  • Relationship Network Growth Part 1 4 min, 49 sec
  • Relationship Network Growth Part 2 5 min, 20 sec
Module 3 - Opportunity Identification & Cross-Selling 23 min, 38 sec
  • Introduction 7 min, 58 sec
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling 2 min, 29 sec
  • Why is up-selling & cross-selling important 6 min, 22 sec
  • Strategies for successful up-selling and cross-selling in sales 6 min, 47 sec


  • No physical equipment is needed
  • A willingness to learn, and situations to practice are advised


  • Account Managers, Sales Representatives, Sales Team leads, Sales Managers and Risk & Relationship Managers in software/hardware sales
  • Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Managers and Agent Resellers.
  • Those who are interested in technology sales and have taken the first, second & third courses
  • Sales Force Teams who desire to protect their product and relationship in organizations that sales deals have been closed
  • Those who desire to sustain long lasting relationships with key stakeholders for more business ventures and revenue generation
  • Interested in building skills in up-selling and cross-selling
  • Those who want to become outstanding Sales Individual in companies where key stakeholders see them as PARTNERS than Sales Individuals  

About Instructor

Gloria Effi

Gloria is a proficient Strategist in Business Development and Sales with over 7 years professional experience in Payments (web, mobile & USSD), Process Automation, Value Added Services (VAS), Cyber Security, Retail Banking, Revenue Assurance and Insurance cutting across various sectors like Education, Finance, Fintech, Aviation, Power, Public & Private Sector.

She has been part of teams in creating value for different sectors of the economy in Africa, has led & launched various technology products with the aim of revenue generation & customer acquisition and still leading teams in business development, sales and strategy.

She’s currently working for the very first digital bank in Nigeria. Adding value in customer acquisition, partnership & complex relationship management and revenue generation & assurance.

Her strength is drawn from staying focused on diverse situations and providing sound, innovative solutions to achieve given objectives.

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