What if you can learn the secrets of successful selling? What would it mean for you in the new year 2020?

You can finally get to earn those fat commissions and bonuses that top sales people earn? You finally get companies hustling to bring you in to their sales team? Or you immediately start getting noticed in your current job as your performance hits up? Or perhaps you start applying successful sales techniques to grow your side business?

There is literally no down side to knowing how to sell. Everyone needs sales. Companies everywhere do not joke with sales performers. Want to move up the ladder or perhaps switch career to sales? All you need is to take action.

We know how difficult it is to get high quality, success driven sales training at a friendly cost. Even when you see one location and timing of training is usually an issue. We once partnered with a top sales consultant to hold sales training for a few client companies and the result? - lots of people wanted to take part but could not because of time constraints and the seeming high price of the training.

So imagine how excited we are right now to announce that the excellent Strategic Sales Foundation Training is now available as a course on Lentora. Taught by very highly experienced sales professionals here's some of what you get from the 10 modules Strategic Sales Foundation course;

  • Psychology of selling: Understanding the art and science of selling, buyer behaviour and the logic/emotions of buying
  • Learning what drives personal effectiveness for successful sales professionals. How the right attitude and taking leadership transforms average people to successful sales executives
  • Understanding the different selling skills and when to apply each on the sales journey to getting the deals closed
  • Customer needs assessment
  • Handling objections and closing the sale even in the face of challenges
  • How expert sales people manage performance and the nitty gritty of sales reporting
  • Prospecting for new markets, clients and deals. And lots more...

The instructor of this course, Gbenga Johnson has accomplished sales and sales management experience working for multinationals including Coca cola in various strategic sales capacities. He trains sales staff for a variety of companies including banks, FMCG conglomerates.

So what will it be? Currently in a sales job? or thinking to move into sales and unlock your earning potential? What better way to start winning this year than to super-charge your skills for a fantastic 2020.

Sign up to take the Strategic Sales Foundation course now and you could be lucky to even get a discount here