Learn how to make wigs with frontals and closure; Wig Making is a good skill to have in today's fashion conscious world

As part of our promise to provide affordable access to skill courses for any young person in Africa we just published our brand new wig making course.

The Complete Wig Making course will teach and show you how to create all those amazing wigs you see ladies wearing these days.

Why You Should Learn Wig Making with this Course/Training

  • With wig making skills you can easily earn steady income making wigs for female friends, colleagues, co-workers, church members etc. More than 80% of women wear wigs. You can literally not go hungry with this skill
  • Make your own cool wigs and stop spending money paying saloons and other people to make you expensive wigs

This is a 2 part course that runs for several hours. Part 1 covers wig making with closure while part 2 covers wig making with frontals.

The Instructor, Mr Emmanuel is a trained and expert cosmetologist and beautician with over 7 years experience in wig making, makeup artistry and bridal styling. He has several working class as regular clients and has worked on quite a few celebrity clients.

You've been looking for a useful skill to learn? Enrol for the Wig Making Online Course now (the fee is very affordable).

The course/training will teach you

  • How to make wigs of different stylings
  • How to use wig making tools that are easily affordable to start making your own wigs

Here's the intro video from the Course Instructor, Mr Emmanuel

Why You Should Take the Wig Making Course

Also see below sample video from the Wig Making Course

Overview of Wig Making Tools and Materials

Enrol for the Complete Wig Making Course Now and get

  • access to the full online training on wig making with frontals and closures
  • lifetime access to the training course so you can refresh your memory anytime
  • access to the course on your mobile phone and laptop