Over 15% of graduates surveyed say they want a career in HR but don’t have the basic training to start.

For many people, Human Resources Management is about administrative tasks. Which is completely different from the reality of working in HR.

Why Many People Find It Difficult to Kickstart Their HR Career?

  1. The schools barely prepare them for it: Talking to many graduates who either majored in human resource management or got their degree in the humanities and social sciences you get a sense that many do not understand the key skills and competencies they have to develop to do well in HR.
  2. They have no professional training: Most HR professionals start out learning the ropes and working under more experienced colleagues. Asides the administrative side of HR there are the more complex aspects having to do with personnel management, human relations, etc. Adora Ikwuemesi, a top HR professional/consultant who leads Kendor consulting has created the perfect online HR course for intending HR professionals - Fundamentals of Human Resource Management. You may want to check it out.
  3. They lack the emotional intelligence: The more difficult aspect of HR is being able to manage the interests of employees and that of the organisation. Not many people realise that the HR person has to balance these two interests, keep the personnel motivated and the management at ease. If people relations and management is not your thing then HR will be a tough career choice.

How to Start a Successful HR Career

  1. Learn all you can from actual HR professionals: Your skills and knowledge as a HR professional will flow from your knowledge of best practices in human resources, your experience and ability to deal/relate with both employees and management.
  2. Take a Professional HR Course: We recommend our loaded ' Fundamentals in Human Resource Management Course.' Taught by a seasoned HR practitioner, Adora Ikwuemesi, this course prepares you for the steps you need to take to become a HR professional covering from HR architecture to Understanding HRM, Recruitment & Selection, Reward & Performance Management etc. At the end of this online course you get a certificate of completion to showcase to employers and relevant skills to position you for success in HR.