What is the Graphic Design with Canva course all about?

This course is a comprehensive online training to help anyone become a pro in graphic design using the Canva tool/software. It is a 4 hour practical course that will teach you how to design almost anything you can think of - logos, cards, letterheads, advert banners, magazine covers, social media posts, infographs etc.

Who is the Graphic Design with Canva course for?

  • Anyone running a small business who wants to learn how to create their own beautiful, captivating social media posts (like the one below)
  • Anyone who wants to learn graphic design so they can make some side income helping other people design logos, social media posts, letterheads etc
  • Anyone who is on the creative side and wants to learn a skill that can help them earn while also expressing themselves and doing interesting work
Sample video from the Graphic Design course

Here are some of what you'll learn from taking the Graphic Design with Canva course

  • Understanding Canva templates
  • The Instagram Design Dashboard (Making awesome designs for Instagram - posts, highlight covers, stories)
  • The Facebook Design Board (making cool designs for Facebook pages - posts, stories, covers, ads)
  • Designing for Twitter - posts, covers, ads
  • Designing for other social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest
  • Designing marketing and branding materials such as logos, flyers, brochure, posters)
  • Simple website design
  • Canva Graphic design on Mobile
  • and more