If you are reading this chances are that you may be looking for something fruitful to do with your time and earn some money. Maybe you are one of those affected adversely by the economic situation caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Or you just want to learn new skills to change careers, start a new side business and make more income.

Whatever it is Lentora has your back. We are working with the best to provide you online courses that will help you either succeed in your career or start/improve your own business.

So without wasting time here are some high demand digital skills you should learn right now. Make sure you click on any of them you'd like to take. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your skills and become more productive.

  1. Social Media Management: As a social media manager you can easily find remote work opportunities helping businesses manage/grow their social media profiles. This course will show you how to become a good social media manager. Go here to enrol for the course and start immediately
  2. 3D Animation: Anyone who takes this course will acquire 3D animation and visual effect skills. With the skills in this course you can do remote animation, visual effects and 3D design jobs for organisations in several industries including gaming, film & television, engineering & architecture, media etc. Start now and don't procrastinate.
  3. Financial Modelling: If you have a finance/accounting background and will like to learn a skill that is so valuable that it can triple your income you should check out our Financial Modelling course. Financial modelling is a highly important skill in accounting/finance/business. You can start the course here.
  4. Strategic Sales: If you know how to sell you can consistently out-earn your peers. Even if you are running your own business this is a course that will teach you how to find more prospects who will likely buy your product/service and how to close deals more successfully. See how the Strategic Sales course can help you stay relevant and productive this period.
  5. Financial Accounting: Do you interest or passion for accounting and would like to take a course that will equip you with the skills to be able to land a good paying accounting job or make money helping small businesses prepare their accounts and book keeping? This is the course for you. Learn more about the Accounting course here
  6. Customer Service Fundamentals: There are numerous opportunities in customer service. With the challenges of Covid-19 what a lot of people don't know is that companies (big and small) are still looking for people to handle customer service/support for them. This course will prepare you with the knowledge to take advantage.  Find out more about the Customer Service course here
  7. Introduction to Technology Sales: Technology sales is a not so new but fast growing branch of sales. Good technology sales professionals typically make commissions of between 2.5% - 10% of total sales they bring in which can usually range from low hundreds of thousands to millions of naira in bonus and commission income. This course will teach you to become a Technology sales professional working with and for technology companies (such as fintechs, digital banks, cyber security, education technology, e-commerce, etc) and earn decent pay. Find out more about the course and how to start here

Whatever you do this is the time you should invest in acquiring skills that will help you either improve your career/income or help you start a financially rewarding side hustle. We are giving away slots for you to take the above courses at ridiculously affordable prices. This is our way of helping to make sure you stay productive this period.