What is it you want to achieve in 2020?

To Get a Well Paid Sales Job?

Move from Your Current Job to a Better One in Sales?

To Stop Earning Too Little Because You are Poor in Sales and Start Earning High Commissions Because You Deliver Your Sales Target?

To Increase Your Success Rate Selling Your Own Products and Services?

Before you read further are you prepared to do what is necessary to understand how to sell more and become more successful than you ever imagined?

Answer yourself honestly!!

Are you ready or not to do what is necessary to equip yourself with the skills to sell?

If you are, congratulations! You can read on….

No matter what people say, there are thousands of companies always hiring or looking for skilled employees. And also we discovered that lots of graduates and entry level workers have no affordable way to upgrade their skills.

If you want to tap into the opportunities in sales the Strategic Foundation in Sales Course is a strongly recommended course for you to take. It is a massively effective online sales course designed to take you from an amateur salesperson to a sales guru.

What is the Strategic Sales Foundation Course About?

This is an in-depth online course for anyone aspiring to work or working in sales who wants to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful sales professional

This is an in-depth online course for anyone aspiring to work or working in sales who wants to acquire the skills and knowledge to become a successful sales professional. It is a fully online sales program that will change the way you see sales, empower you to learn how to find your best prospects, engage them and close deals. If you are in a sales related career this course is your key to finally becoming better and earning more. If you are in business for yourself the Strategic Sales Foundation Course will show you how to drive more sales for your business.

About the Instructor

The Strategic Sales Foundation Course is taught by an experienced sales professional, Gbenga Johnson, with over 18 years experience leading sales for several multinational companies in Nigeria. Gbenga is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing, UK and a Fellow of The Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria. He is the CEO of Autusbridge Consulting, a top sales training/consulting firm that has helped train hundreds of sales team members for several companies in Nigeria.

What Will I Learn After Taking the Strategic Foundation in Sales Course?

You know the biggest earners in many large companies are mostly the sales people right? The most successful entrepreneurs, consultants and self employed business people are those who can sell!

Majority of business organisations literally depend on sales. It is sometimes the hardest but most rewarding job. You can literally write your own check or decide how much you make in commissions! So you see why the Strategic Foundation in Sales Course is one of the hottest courses on Lentora?

Now back to what you will be learning from the Strategic Foundation in Sales Course.....

  • You will be shown how to understand the psychology of selling. Selling is an art as well as a science, difficult for many people to grasp. Simply because they do not invest in learning how to sell! In this course you will be shown how to think like your prospective buyer and learn to understand how to see the triggers that make people buy.
  • You will learn Personal Effectiveness. Your success as a sales person starts with you. Do you inspire trust and belief in your prospective clients? Do you have the grooming, emotional intelligence and self awareness to read the moods, understand the emotions that may make people more likely to buy? Little things sales people ignore like how you look, what you do when you meet your prospect clients, how to understand their current situation and sympathise with them etc impact on your success as a sales person
  • You will learn the 5 most important selling skills. It will shock you that some successful sales people do not have to talk too much. There are over 5 other selling skills aside from communicating that are very essential for you to succeed in sales. The instructor cuts through each of them to show you how to use skills you never knew of before.
  • Understanding customers' needs: Sometimes you focus too much on what you are selling and think you know what the customer needs. The Strategic Foundation in Sales Course will show you how to pause and probe to understand your customers. Only when you truly get them and they know that you get them, will you be able to sell them easily on your product/offering.
  • Handling Objections and Closing Deals: No matter what you do as a salesperson you will encounter objections or even outright rejections. Many things including affordability, doubt etc will conspire to make your prospects drag their feet on doing the deal with you. How do you overcome objections and turn them in your favour? How do you close deals? If you don't close you don't sell. This Sales course has a whole module dedicated to the art of closing deals and handling objections.

Is This Course for Me?

Ask yourself these questions to find out if this Sales course will improve your life?

Am I in a job that requires me to sell most days?
Am I in a sales job but not doing as well as I would want to?
Am I earning too little in my current sales related job?
Do I want to get a better paid sales job?
Do I need to learn how to sell more in order to grow my side hustle this year?

We only recommend you continue if your answer to any of the above questions is yes.

Why Should You Buy This Course Now?

  1. The Strategic Foundation in Sales Course will put more money in your pocket in 2020. Simple! If you learn to sell well, you will perform so well in your sales or sales related job and make much more in commissions and bonuses than you've ever made. If you are in business for yourself this course will empower you to simply go out there and make more sales. And more sales mean more income right?
  2. You will have lifetime access to this course. What this means is after buying this course you can watch it over and over as many times as you want until you become an actually skilled salesperson. You enrol in this course now and you will become more effective in selling than you currently are.
  3. Finally, After taking this course you can include it in your CV to boost your job chances. You stand a better chance with employers when you complete the Strategic Sales Foundation Course. You will be better prepared to show prospective employers what you can bring to the table to increase sales.

Now if you are still reading, this means you really want to become very good in sales. It means you are seriously considering taking this course.

See exclusive preview of the Strategic Sales Course below to get an idea of What You Will Be Learning

Introduction Preview of the Strategic Sales Foundation Course

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