What is 3D animation and what are the career prospects for a 3D animator?

First, do you have interest in the creative and visual arts? If yes, then this will interest you. You can sign up to take the 3D Animation (Autodesk Maya) course online here.

Computer animators and visual effect designers are not too common to come by in Africa. Interestingly opportunities are growing in this field as more industries require the services of good animators and multimedia designers.

Careers in 3D animation

Key career opportunities in 3D animation include; 3D animator, multimedia artist, storyboard artist, animation web designer, 3D modeller etc.

Industries where 3D animators can work

3D animation and visual effects jobs can be in a variety of industries such as Media, Advertising, Engineering & Construction, Design & Architecture, Gaming and lots more.

How Much Do 3D animators and multimedia designers Earn?

In the United States 3D animators earn a median salary of $72,520 per annum. In Nigeria a junior 3D animator or Multimedia designer will usually take home between N100,000 and N300,000 monthly.

How to start a Career in 3D animation & multimedia design

We recommend you quickly sign up and take this online course - 3D Animation Jumpstart (Autodesk Maya). Maya is one of the more popular animation software used today. The 3D animation course is taught by Orange VFX, a leading 3D and visual effects studio founded in May 2010.

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