The pace of development in today's world means new sets of skills are becoming more in demand and if you are serious about improving your income in 2020 you have to pick up one or two of these skills.

Young people who possess these in demand skills stand the chance to earn better and progress faster in their career or business.

To cut to the chase here are some highly relevant skills in today's market/economy;

  1. Programming/Software development: Unless you are living under a rock you would have at least known about the internet if not using it daily to access different websites and online platforms. The software development industry is expanding pretty fast with lots of programming languages enabling thousands of young people pursue a career in what two decades ago barely existed as we know it.
  2. Digital Marketing: Thousands of small and medium businesses are still either grappling with how to use apply digital marketing to grow their business or do not know the value exploiting digital channels can bring to their business. Everywhere you turn businesses are looking for digital marketers (either on full time employment or on a consulting/freelance basis). The opportunities for digital marketing will only increase substantially in 2020. Lentora has launched a very in-depth course - Introduction to Digital Marketing (created by a top digital marketing agency) to help anyone start the journey to earning big bucks as digital marketers. We strongly advise you check out the course here (you might even get a considerable coupon discount if you talk with our consultants online). Digital marketers or marketing specialists can earn anything between N150,000 - N1 million as consultants helping businesses deploy/harness digital marketing opportunities or make between N80,000 - N250,000 monthly working full time for any of the hundreds of companies hiring for digital marketing roles.
  3. Sales: If you can sell you will never lack money. Millions of businesses literally survive on sales. It's amazing how many young people do not understand how powerful a sales career can be. It almost the only career where you decide how much you earn (at least for proper sales jobs that have commissions and bonuses). I have seen successful sales professionals in the IT industry taking home millions in monthly and quarterly bonus. Take the Strategic Sales Foundation Course if you are in sales or interested in a sales career.  
  4. Design and Animation: Few people know the huge opportunities in 3D animation and design. From the technology to entertainment industries skilled designers, animators, video editors are in high demand. If you are fresh out of school or looking for a new, rewarding career direction in 2020 you should consider taking very high quality design and animation courses from Lentora. For eg this 3D Animation Jumpstart course (focusing on Autodesk Maya - a popular design/animation software) created by a top creative design/animation agency in Lagos is helping people skill up very quickly and become very good animators. The opportunities in 3D design are growing and if you ever think of exploring your chances in the creative industry we recommend you take this course.
  5. Finance (Financial Modelling): If you are starting out in a finance career one of the hugely empowering skills to have is financial modelling and business valuation. As a finance professional proficient in financial modelling you can tap into consulting opportunities to help startup business owners articulate their business financial model and value their business appropriately especially for investors and loan purposes. Taking a very solid financial modelling course/training offline will cost you at the very least almost $300 without a guarantee that you'll get the requisite knowledge within the timeframe of the training. However you can have lifetime access to an in-depth easy to follow online course on Financial Modelling (taking you through all the practical steps to being able to build financial models for just any kind of business). The course is taught by an accomplished finance expert/analyst of over 10 years experience. If you are interested in getting a discount on this course kindly indicate interest here. Note that your answer on why you want to take the Financial Modelling course will determine whether you get selected for a discount.

Take control of your career and business in 2020. Join thousands of people taking professional and skill courses from experts on Lentora. Choose from any course to skill up and position yourself to improve and earn more.